Examination Offerings

An applicant who fails to pass either the FE, PPE, CSCS, FLS, PPLS or GLM examination may be assigned to additional offerings of the examination upon repayment of the examination fees.

An applicant who fails to pass part or parts of the computer-administered Architect Registration Examination shall be permitted to sit for the examination (assuming that the applicant is still eligible based on the PEALS Board rules and regulations). The applicant, however, may schedule appointments based on his preference and the testing center availability.



Proctoring Examinations of Other Jurisdictions

Effective with the October 2010 exam administration, the Board will no longer accept proctoring of any examinations except for active military personnel assigned to duty on Guam.



Failure to Attend an Examination

  • An applicant who fails to attend an examination for which he has been scheduled will forfeit the fee paid for the examination. The examination fee will not be forfeited in case of illness, death in the immediate family, or other unavoidable causes for absence for which he applicant can certify under oath, witnessed by a Notary Public, or other official designated to witness oaths.
  • Failure of an applicant to attend an examination for which he has been scheduled to attend does not count as a failure of the examination.