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ARE Update: Technical Issues Update, Testing Data, and Resources

February 23,2021


In This Issue

Information about appointment availability for June and July, resources for online testing, and an update on tech issues.

Test Scheduling

You can now schedule ARE® 5.0 appointments with Prometric through July 31, 2021. Prometric continues to expand online testing availability, with 20 percent of exam divisions currently being taken online.


Take a Test Run Before Your Online Exam

Make sure your online testing setup is ready for test day by scheduling a free test run with Prometric through your NCARB Record. The test run allows you to walk through the check-in process with a real exam proctor and verify the exam launches successfully on your computer.


$50 Prepaid Card for External Webcams

When you schedule your first online exam, you’re entitled to receive a complimentary $50 prepaid card. This offsets the cost to purchase an external webcam with autofocus capabilities and sets you up for future online testing. Keep in mind, external webcams are required for system security when testing online.


Update on Technical Issues

NCARB and Prometric continue to address technical issues. An audit of early-February administrations found the overall proportion of candidates reporting technical problems was down to 11 percent—a 2 percentage point reduction from January. The majority of ARE administrations in early-February—79.5 percent—were delivered at Prometric test centers, with the remaining 20.5 percent being delivered via online proctoring. Candidates testing online reported a higher percentage of technical problems compared to candidates testing onsite—which reinforces the importance of having a stable internet connection throughout the duration of your online appointment.

NCARB, along with our test delivery partners Prometric and Zoomorphix, has identified a root cause for technical issues reported by candidates at test centers. A solution is in development for onsite and online deliveries by Prometric and expected to be deployed in early-March.

“We recognize the importance of providing each candidate a professional, secure, and consistent testing experience free from error or distraction and are committed to resolving any known anomalies in delivering the NCARB exam in partnership with Zoomorphix.”
–Prometric Senior Vice President and Chief Client Officer Sean Burke


If You Experience a Technical Issue

The nature of these known issues may impact your user experience and require a restart of the exam, but they won’t impact your ability to complete your test. If you’re required to restart your exam, please note that your exam progress is automatically saved and the test will resume in the same state as before the technical issue arose.

Candidates who do experience exam restarts are typically able to complete their exam administrations without further interruptions.

If you experience a technical issue, please follow these steps so we can log your incident and provide next steps:

  • Immediately notify your test center administrator or online proctor
  • Contact us in writing within 15 days

If you were unable to complete the exam due to a major technical issue, we will work with you to reschedule the division at no cost.

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